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This site is owned and maintained by Larry Barksdale.  I have more than 41 years experience in criminal and crime scene investigations, which includes service as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Specialist, Executive Protection, commissioned police officer, local and national case management and case analyses, crime scene investigation, forensic examinations, civil and criminal court testimony, international consultations, and training and teaching at the Professional Workshop/College and University level.  I have co-authored and published an e-book, published numerous articles in newsletters and journals, and co-authored numerous articles published in peer review journals.  In addition, I have been the President and Board Member of International and local professional organizations.

In the products page you will find numerous contacts of persons I have worked with over the years.  They are professional consultants that you may contact directly for any services you may desire from them.

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Bloodstains as Evidence: A Field Manual, an e-book authored by Martin Matisoff and Larry Barksdale, can be purchased at www.lebinvestigations.com, Products page. This is an excellent overview of bloodstains as evidence with photographs, self teaching exercises, and case examples.

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The Association For Linguistic Evidence 

Are you interested in forensic linguistics?  Join TALE for a professional organization committed to forensic linguistics.


 LEADDS is a consulting company    specializing in language analysis, case  investigative analysis, and threat management.

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