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Statement analysis, threat management, crime scene reconstruction, and forensic linguistics.

LEADDS is a consulting group that specializes in statement analysis, detection of deception, threat management, forensic linguistics, and crime scene reconstruction.

In a recent case LEADDS members analyzed the interrogation statement of a person charged with murder.  The statement did not show signs of deception.  This lead to a request to do a crime scene reconstruction including a bloodstain pattern analysis.  The reconstruction showed that the law enforcement officers had misinterpreted the evidence.  This information with suggestions on cross examination and direct examination questions were provided to the representing attorney.  The defendant was found not guility by jury.

In a similar case a police officer was charged with murder.  Analysis of the interrogation statement and reconstruction based on information from the statement analysis developed information that the police officer had seen a handgun.  The Grand Jury returned a no bill on this case.  The charges were dismissed.

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www.leadds.net  or lbarksdale@lebinvestigations.com. 
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