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​www.crimeandclues.com is an up to date and very information web site.  I recommend it for the latest information in criminal investigation and crime scene investigation matters.
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www.crime-scene-investigator.net provides a wide range of short articles on crime scene investigation techniques and issues, links to traing and education, and links to products.
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​If you are interested in unsolved homicides and related matters the following is a process for recognizing important information, evaluating information, synthesizing information, and presenting organized information.
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What can be determined from these images.  How would you go about collecting data related to an event involving this chair.  Here are some suggestions:  digital imaging enhancement, photogrammetry, presumptive testing, handwritten statement analsyis, application of investigative paradigms, forensic lingistics, use of The Scientific Method, trace evidence, reconstruction.
Larry Currently Reading: (as of 2/27/2022)
1.  An Introduction to Forensic Linguistics by Malcolm Coulthard and Alison Johnson.
2.  The Best American Noir of the Century.  Ed James Elroy and Otto Penzler.
3.  Grit Lit:  A Southern Reader. Ed. Brian Carpenter